Responsibilities of CVSA headquarters staff:

  • Upon receipt of the Issue/Request for Action, it will be date stamped on the day of receipt.
  • Receipt of the documents will be acknowledged, indicating to which committee(s) the matter has been referred.
  • Issue/Request for Action registration number from the Register will be assigned.
  • The form and supporting documents will be forwarded to the appropriate committee(s) for further action.
  • Any action taken by the committee(s) will be recorded on the Register and the submitter will be notified.
  • Register entries will be noted upon completion of action.

Responsibilities of committee chairs:

  • Schedule issues for committee agenda upon receipt of assignment.
  • Provide interim responses to the Issue/Request for Action forms if discussions/actions are prolonged.
  • Upon final action of the issue, complete the “Action by the Committee” section of the submission of Issue/Request for Action.
  • Sign and date the submission.
  • Forward to the CVSA executive director or coordinating committee, if further action is required of other committees.

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