NAIC Contestant Results & Event Champions


Jimmy K. Ammons Grand Champion
David Abeita - New Mexico

High Points United States
David Abeita - New Mexico

High Points Canada
Ed Marshall - British Columbia

High Points Mexico
Not Awarded

North American Standard Level I Inspection
1. David Abeita - New Mexico
2. Charles Erlandson - Oregon
3. Bryant Gay - Florida

North American Standard Level V Motorcoach Inspection
1. Tim Hepner - Kansas
2. Ed Marshall - British Columbia
3. Stephen Wong - Ontario

North American Standard Hazardous Materials/Transportation of Dangerous Goods and Cargo Tank/Bulk Packagings Inspection
1. Phillip Wernick - California
2. J. P. Dalton - Massachusetts
3. Keith Stephens - Illinois

John Youngblood Award of Excellence
Phillip Wernick - California