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  • Regulatory Updates – Dec. 22, 2011

    DOT has released the new hours of service rule.

  • Regulatory Updates – Dec. 9, 2011

    FMCSA has accepted a petition from the National Tank Truck Carriers, the Agricultural Retailers Association, the American Pyrotechnics Association, the Institute of Makers of Explosives and the National Association of Chemical Distributors that argues the shifting federal hazardous materials safety permit requirements are resulting in some safe motor carriers losing their eligibility.

  • Regulatory Updates – Dec. 2, 2011

    Today, FMCSA & PHMSA published a joint Final Rule restricting the use of cellular phones by CMV drivers.

  • Regulatory Updates – Nov. 18, 2011

    On November 15th, FMCSA announced that it is extending the requirement that CDL drivers must keep physical copies of their medical records to January 2014.

  • Regulatory Updates – Nov. 4, 2011

    As you all know, FMCSA missed the October 28th deadline for publication of its revised Hours-of-Service rulemaking.

  • Regulatory Updates – Oct. 21, 2011

    As of earlier this week, the rule had still not been transmitted to OMB for review and approval and DOT officials admitted that completing the rule in the little time that remains would be a challenge.

  • Regulatory Updates – Oct. 6, 2011

    There has been no official change in the status of the rulemaking, however Administration officials remain committed to releasing the Final Rule on October 28th.

  • Regulatory Updates – Sept. 23, 2011

    Final rule sent to the Office of the Secretary (OST) for review on August 11th, scheduled for publication October 28th.