CVSA Headquarters Staff

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

6303 Ivy Lane, Suite 310
Greenbelt, Maryland 20770-6319

Phone: 301-830-6143

Human Resources Department

Phone: 301-830-6162

Collin B. Mooney, CAE

Executive Director

Phone: 301-830-6149

Adrienne Gildea

Deputy Executive Director

Phone: 301-830-6157

Will Schaefer

Director of Safety Programs

Phone: 301-830-6154

Carlisle Smith

Director of Level VI Inspection Program

Phone: 301-830-6147

Ken Albrecht

Director of Multimedia Development

Phone: 301-830-6150

Bill Reese

Director of COHMED Program

Phone: 301-830-6148

Kerri Wirachowsky

Director of Roadside Inspection Program

Phone: 301-830-6153

Iris Leonard

Manager of Member Services

Phone: 301-830-6151

Claudia McNatt, CMP

Manager of Conferences and Exhibits

Phone: 301-830-6159

Nicole Leandro

Manager of Communications

Phone: 301-830-6152

Richard Williams, CPA


Phone: 301-830-6146

Amelina Kassa

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 301-830-6156