CVSA currently has nine development and implementation committees that meet in-person twice annually – at our spring CVSA Workshop and the CVSA Annual Conference and Exhibition in the fall. All committee meetings are open to all members; a portion of the Executive Committee meeting may be closed on occasion.

CVSA members are invited to participate in and attend any of our committee meetings at our conferences. If you’re unable to attend committee meetings in person, all agendas, minutes and important documents for each committee are available to its members. We also offer a number of conference calls throughout the year to discuss important issues and keep committee members up to date on committee progress.

Below is a listing of our committees.

  • Crash Standards and Analysis Committee – Identifies and sets commercial motor vehicle (CMV) crash reduction efforts, post-crash analysis and training, and crash data quality and standardization objectives and goals, resulting in improved consistency, training and analysis.
  • Driver-Traffic Enforcement Committee – Promotes effective traffic enforcement strategies to reduce CMV crashes and provides leadership through uniformity of driver-related safety issues.
  • Enforcement and Industry Modernization Committee – Identifies technological advancements that can be leveraged to improve commercial motor vehicle safety by enhancing the performance, quality and uniformity of commercial motor vehicle inspections and transforming enforcement-related activities
  • Hazardous Materials Committee – Provides technical expertise related to hazardous materials/transportation of dangerous goods in an effort to reduce incidents and encourage uniformity and consistency in the application of regulations.
  • Information Systems Committee – Serves the information technology needs of CMV safety programs.
  • Passenger Carrier Committee – Works toward the goal of an environment free of passenger-carrier crashes on our roadways.
  • Policy and Regulatory Affairs Committee – Develops the Alliance’s policy positions and implementation strategies for the agency/department leaders responsible for the coordination and oversight of commercial motor vehicle safety and enforcement programs. The committee also serves as a forum for international regulatory harmonization discussions.
  • Size and Weight Committee – Helps establish uniformity of size and weight regulations that will serve the needs of industry while protecting our infrastructures.
  • Training Committee – Identifies training needs and develops courses leveraging the latest methodologies and technologies to help achieve excellence in the performance, quality training and uniformity of commercial vehicle inspections.
  • Vehicle Committee – Focuses on issues associated with the vehicle in an effort to ensure an environment free of commercial motor vehicle incidents on public highways.

Join a committee online through your CVSA member portal.